The turd of the century

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tevez and Mascherano on the way to United.

Not my United that is, [West Ham United]. As a Red Devil fan, I am flabbergasted. How can these two slip out of Manchester Uniteds hands. I blame the Glazers and David Gill for being a wuss in this area. United has been linked with many a great player but when it comes to negotiating, fuck that. What are they thinking?.

"The pair's rights are owned by Media Sports Investment, a British-based company with financial involvement in Corinthians. MSI were linked with a takeover of the Hammers last season." There even might be a conspiracy behind this.

The warchest for transfers were speculated to be around 70-80 million. Carrick, was an okay purchase, Kuszcak (or however the fuck you spell it) was unnecessary, considering the fact that we have Ben Foster. Torres was supposed to be worth 25 million pounds, well just buy him, he is quite good IMHO. But now with these two argentineans heading off to Upton Park, I think heads will roll at the red of manchester.

Source: [Soccernet], [Manchester Online]

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"Next gen consoles suckass!", says Crytek

Well not exactly. [Crytek] claims that next-gen game consoles (PS3, X360) won't have sufficient power for their upcoming game "Crysis". I for one think that's a bunch of bull. What the hell. They expect us to upgrade our fucking PCs just for one game? Not everyone has a high end PC. Maybe only 1% of the population of earth does (game journalists don't count).

Considering the fact that the PS3 and the X360 is in or around the same price as the latest graphics card, they seem to be the more viable option for me in the near future (i.e. buy me at least one for my birthday, coming up real soon). I bought my latest PC 2 years ago and it seems like it can't play any new games at all. Can we just play at a slower pace? I still think "Grim Fandango" was a revolution in the graphics area.

Source: [Joystiq], [teamxbox]

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TGS most wanted

Go ahead and check out the list that [Gamespot] has generated on what games that they can't wait to see on the next TGS (Tokyo Game Show, for those not in the know).

Images from top to bottom: Devil May Cry 4 (PS3), Too Human (X360), Trauma Center : Second Opinion (Wii).

Personally, I think that doctor in the 3rd picture is hot. Uhhhh, okay then see ya.

Source: [Gamespot], [Gamerankings]

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Watford 1 - 2 Man Utd

"Manchester United stayed at the top of the Premiership thanks to their third straight victory - and gave newcomers Watford a tough lesson about life at the top."

Just saw the match 2 hours ago. Verdict: It was an okay performance, not like the first two games, when United won with ease 5-1 against Fulham and 3-0 against Charlton. They were struggling to get the better of Watford. That goes to show you that newly promoted sides are always hungry FTW!

Ferguson as usual, when United aren't performing well mind you, had a red face. I so wish, it won't go like last year, first 3 games won next 3 uhhhhh...Well, here's to United! GO REDS!

Other results:

  • Liver-fool 2 - 1 West Ham
  • Wigan 1 - 0 Reading
  • Charlton 2 - 0 Bolton
  • Fulham 1 - 0 Sheffield Utd
  • Tottenham 0 - 2 Everton
  • Man City 1 - 0 Arse-anal
Chelski will be playing tomorrow. They can suck my dick and fucking like it.

Source: [Soccernet]

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Revamped Megatron

Believe it or not, but this is THE Megatron that you once knew. Did Unicron change him again? I don't think so, its just those hollywood types trying to piss the fans again. Even if you want to revamp Megatron, make him look closer to the old Megatron, not like this alien-esque, predator type robot.

One more thing that they fucked up with. Megatron transforms into a gun, right? Even when he was Galvatron he was a cannon thingamajig right?. Now he's a badass plane. Way to go Hollywood.
More Transformers here.

On a side note, here's the new Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer from LGC06. Enjoy.

Source: [themovieblog], [1up]

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Upcoming Penny Arcade Game...Hmmm?

[Penny Arcade], one of the most popular online comics (the best imho) are on the way to make their own video game as reported in [Gamespot]. The game will be developed by [Hothead Games] as an adventure game.

Rumours abound that it might be something like the Sam & Max adventure games. I for one am waiting for a new point and click adventure game to come out. The last one I played Nibiru: Age of Secrets was just too short and the ending was "meh" at the most. If I recall correctly, the best adventure games have always been developed by [LucasArts]. The Monkey Island series, Grim Fandango, etc.

I just hope that it turns out to be a great game considering that I'm a fan of PA. Oh, its also coming out for the Mac OS and Linux, goes to show that the PA guys don't discriminate. Also, the game will be distributed in an episodic format, something like HL2 I guess. Meaning, there might be more, well DUH!. The title of the game? "Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness".

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Carlitos Tevez to United?

"UNITED have been alerted to Argentinean striker Carlos Tevez's fallout at Corinthians in Brazil.

The South American has had a troubled summer at the club but that has come to a head now with new coach Emerson Leao openly declaring that he doesn't like having any Argentinean playing for the Brazilian outfit."

Just read this a few days back on [Manchester Online]. Tevez is a good prospect, and after watching him on a few occasions I would say he would be a great addition to Manchester United. His skills on the ball are wonderful and he can hold the ball well for such a short person. Considering the fact that he's also in his early 20s is not a bad prospect.

His dribbling skills are better than Rooney's, not to discredit Rooney though, but it would only make the team better with both of them on the same side. Rooney roaming around the edge of the penalty box to get those powerful shots off while Tevez can bring the ball inside and disturb the defense giving more time for other players to join in the fun.

"Sir Alex Ferguson's recent priority has been to land Bayern Munich's midfielder Owen Hargreaves but the Reds along with Inter Milan are monitoring the situation and Tevez could be seen as a replacement for Ruud van Nistelrooy."

But knowing United, nothing is ever legit until the player has signed on the dotted line.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Websurfer's Around the World Get Great abs While Surfing

[wikiHow] published an article on how to gain a six pack.

From what I've read, they show what to do to get the washboard abs. Meaning, you have to do situps, crunches, losing your weight and whatnot. This article was also announced on [Lifehacker], which is a geek site for internet junkies out there. They might be trying to tell the geeks out there to get off their lazy asses and workout and get girlfriends. Yeah, yeah stereotype.

I'm not in a good shape myself and I ain't gonna be doing this anytime soon. So fuck that. "Maybe later". Re : "AXN Amazing Mall Challenge"

The title above might be misleading, what I meant by "While Surfing" was meant to imply that you guys should go and click on the link. I never said you didn't have to get off the chair to do it.


Well I've been contemplating on what I should do with this new blog of mine. It seems that I was at a dead end. Then I figured why not blog about my interests and all that crap right and maybe put in a few of personal "jingle" here and there.

Interests (not in alphabetical order, but what comes out of my head first order):
  • Gadgets
  • Games
  • Girls
  • Foods
  • Anime
  • Freeware
  • Piracy
  • Manchester United
With all these in mind, I decided to make a theme out of it. ROJAK (I forgot what you called it in english), its a Malaysian cuisine and Malaysian people use the term "Rojak" as something of a mixture of everything. Basically, my blog will not have a theme but I will base it on famous gawker sites. Wherein, I'll be stalking the other gawker sites and bring in news that I think is fun to read and also for my own preferences. A bookmark of sorts. "But, Shahrul, Firefox (IE is terrible) has a bookmark option". I say fuck you.

Should I start now?

(Edit : I'm not going to update this journal as frequently as the gawker sites, I'm just one person)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This is my first blog on this site. Actually from livejournal where my pseudoname is Hi_wind. I will update that site from time to time and also cause I have a few other things that I am following on it, but this will be my new home for blogging. Hell-o blogspot.

Okay, now on to serious bees kneeeees, I need to know how to customise this bugger.